Waller Gallery


January 31, 2020 - March 6, 2020

Black and brown artists are often compelled to use their identity as a tool to articulate their ideas to the public. At Waller Gallery, we believe that this practice can often pigeon hole the artist, their medium, and their trajectory. Catch, Release, Activate is an exhibition that highlights the artists’ work both in the moment and in dialogue. 

The internal dialogue and conversation the artist has with their vision is the theme of Catch, Release, Activate  in the contemporary art space.

Jamie Grace Alexander’s work is directly investigating the self as it pertains to the artist’s activism and curatorial work. In some ways, playful, Alexander’s works throughout the exhibition represent multiple levels of experience. Walter Cruz has worked with inspirational jackets for several years and makes them for friends. Cruz investigates how we see one another and ourselves through dress, and invites  the public to actively engage with his work. Bobbi Rush’s work in the show is a visual interpretation of her poetry. Her books “Words (Feeling...Feelings)” and “Pussy” will be available for sale and act as an opportunity for the audience to be introduced to Rush as an artist, as well as a  poet and musician.